On Her Way Out

Coat Unnecessary 

A Book Left Unfinished

Visiting with a Friend

Dinner's Almost Ready

Childhood Bedroom

Awaiting a Loved One

A Garden to Tend to

Evidence of Life

Alyssa McCarn

This series of work Evidence of Life captures the place where the light meets the dark, revealing everyday moments that might otherwise go unnoticed. I am most interested in capturing the places where the cool, blue night contrasts with the warm tones of interiors, reflecting evidence of life. Within the area of warmth, mundane moments are exposed and the viewer’s interest is heightened. They are offered subtleties of information about those inhabiting the homes, leaving the viewer to wonder about the lives occurring within. From afar, the viewer is meant to both feel uneasy in the potential invasion of privacy, yet safe in the distanced observation of life.

It’s easy during seasons of hardship to resort to isolation and a self-centered perspective. This year in particular with the pandemic has created a universal sense of isolation. This work serves as a reminder of the billions of lives occurring concurrently to our own. Sometimes, a simple drive through a neighborhood can be a comfort and reminder of the lives taking place around us.

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