Utilizing document, this series captures people who are influencing my thoughts, opinions, and feelings at 21. I have decided to order the series based off of when I met each person, all of which have been selected due to their individual significant impact on me. In a way, this series serves as a self-portrait through the faces of other people. I believe that at 21 I wouldn’t be the same person I am now without each of these people, and if I were to repeat this concept 5 or 10 years from now, the line up would most likely be different. I have chosen to shoot everyone in wooded areas in part for consistency, but also in that it conjures up memories of youth and carelessness, something that has disappeared as I’ve entered into adulthood. I asked each person to recall a memory from their childhood that either changed them, says something about their personality, or brings them joy in retrospect. The purpose of this secondary layer is to allow the viewer to feel a connection to each person as well as to further emphasize the impact a person or event can have on a person years later. The choice to use 35mm film stems from a personal preference as well as a desire to make each image feel less traditional and more intimate.

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